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How It Works

1. The NAR Matrix and Law of Numbers
The National Association of REALTORS stated in a 1990's statistical report after surveying agents across the America that it takes 35 contacts on average to get an appointment, and it take 4 appointments for the average real estate agent to close one transaction. We've created the perfect program to help you succeed!

2. How To Reach and Exceed Your Financial Real Estate Goals
Click HERE to PURCHASE & DOWNLOAD The Agent Goal Planner then Complete The Financial Goals Analysis Page. Calculate How Many Contacts and Appointments are Needed. Use The Sales Tracking to Stay On Top of Strategy and Business Plan. Lastly, Implement AGP Resource Tools for Marketing and Success.

3. Not Sure This Will Work For You? - Watch TOM FERRY'S Video 
The Importance of Numbers. The Agent Goal Planner will work for any agent located anywhere in the country regardless of their local area knowledge, demographics, market conditions and even their own personal agent knowledge and experience. The Success Secret: Contacts + Appointments = Closings!